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Sep 27, 2020

POV Cam revisions?

Are you still working on/planning to revision this? I have been taking notes of timeline miss-sequences I have found, sorry if that is a bit rude, and hope I may be able help out with it if I can.

tadpole afterlife

Mar 26, 2019

Consider adding the bunny's point of view? Maybe?

Love your work! :)

A Chrome Web Store user

Apr 5, 2018

the new site

would the fix be as simple as enabling the extension on the new site or is it going to be handiwork. I can at least tell you to change the links themselves last, because they will all reroute to the correct page on the new site.


Apr 4, 2018


homestuck has moved to a new website, so the extension may need reworking

N A (GamingAddiction)

Apr 2, 2016

Problem with POV cam

I can't use the POV camera for some odd reason. I do have another extention for Homestuck (Better Homestuck), but im not sure if that's causing the problem. Please reply back.

Viren Bajaj

May 5, 2015


I also think, if possible, reduced text size for the added commands going to pages where a character doesn't speak.

Viren Bajaj

May 5, 2015

Next Page commands

I think there should be a blank line between the added commands and the original. i.e.


>Jade: Climb
>Jade: View John

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