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Isla Davies

Jun 17, 2024

"Error! Please report a bug via the Chrome Webstore!"

got a new PC so had to redownload but within a few seconds of downloading, an error icon shows up and hovering over it says what i put in the title. none of the features work either :(


Oct 9, 2020

Homestuck 2

Does this work on Homestuck 2 also?

Nadia Pflug

Oct 27, 2019


Now that Homestuck^2 is out, you should add support for it, if possible!


Apr 4, 2018


even though homestuck is done now, it should be worth noting that it is now hosted on


Nov 9, 2016

1 wont go away

I know the comic has ended, but I want to keep the app in case extra epilogues or content is released on the site. However, the green number has a '1' that won't go away ever since the credits page was added. Is there anything I can do?

Amanda Johnston

Apr 8, 2016

0 new pages

When I open the first new page by clicking on the icon and then read all the updates, the little green number ticks down one by one until it reaches 0 (I'm caught up), but then it doesn't disappear. I can fix it by going to the options and having it check for new updates again.


Mar 29, 2016

lil green icon

okay this may sound really dumb but last time i had this installed, the lil icon in the corner turned red when i was all caught up, and green when there was new stuff to read. now that icon is green all the time, and im wigging out cause my heartrate jumps a little when i see that green, even though there is no upd8. is there any way to make it red again?


Feb 20, 2016

clicking the icon leads to not found

clicking the icon on my browser no longer takes me to the last read page and instead takes me to:

"Not Found

The requested URL /phpBB3/viewtopic.php was not found on this server."

Maxie Wong

Apr 19, 2015

It won't recognize the latest read page

So I can't get it to recongize the last page I read. I'm caught up and I tried going to the last page and used the check now button and it said I had 40+ pages to read, so then I tried right clicking and pushing mark as last read page. Tried the Check now button again but it still said I have 40+ pages to read. I uninstalled and reinstalled and tried the same thing and that didn't work either.

Lucas Exempli Gratia Smith

Nov 30, 2014

Strange Icon

For some reason, rather than the usual icon, the extension showed a shadowy figure standing behind problem sleuth(maybe? I'm not sure). When I clicked on it the icon reverted to normal and it took me to the newest page. There was no update. Please explain.

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