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OneAndOnly Danky

Nov 18, 2020

Not working

For some reason it suddenly stopped working for me, possibly because it seems the site switched to https

Feisty Fennekin

May 22, 2020

Not working for 2020

It not reconising the webpage and just not showing subtitle :(

Nostalgia Schmaltz

Sep 28, 2017

Not working anymore

Extension doesn't seem to work anymore. The wiki page button, settings menu button and previous/next buttons (for sbemail pages) work, but everything else doesn't.

Matthew Harris

Sep 23, 2017

Oh, staunch

Is this not working anymore for anyone else? Google Chrome updated itself yesterday, I assume that put something out of joint in some way.

A Chrome Web Store user

Jan 30, 2016

Plain HTML Navbar Probalos

Apparently on some pages, the Flash navbar will stay along with the Plain HTML Navbar and result in double navbars.

Fan Costumes 2015 is the best example I can give off my head, but I think some other recent toons have this problem as well.

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