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Timothy Havel

Dec 24, 2023

how can I export / import customizations (as a json file, presumably)

At one point during setup of Homely I was given the option to export / import my customizations as a json file, but now that I've gotten things setup and would like to export my customizations from Chrome to Brave, I can't seem to find a way to do this (there is nothing about it in Settings that I can see). Please advise.

Tom Stevens

Oct 23, 2022


Could use an election for notifications from Airbnb. Wonderful, wonderful extention though. Thank you.

icy to

Dec 13, 2019


This is a nice Bookmark program, but it can be improved a lot
- Only the title should be visible,clicking onto the title should make visible the items below the title, clicking again should make them invisible,also each title should have different colors,chosen like in a rainbow , i saw this in other bookmark programs.
- possibility to close the Widget bar, a lot of people will not use it,
weather prediction can simply be put by searchenginrs,
ex :
- both options should save a lot of space and reduce menu & sections as there
will be a lot more space available to put more title items onto the desktop,


May 27, 2019

Incognito Mode

I absolutely love this extension and many thanks for developing it. It used to work all the same in incognito mode if i remember correctly, but now it does not. It's not controlling the New Tab page when gone incognito. Quite a pity! Is it possible for you to help with this please?

jun wang

Oct 9, 2018

Work with crxMouse together

Can not use crxMouse at the same time. Maybe it can be better in next revision.

Константин Шкодских

Apr 20, 2018

Need icons for buttons

Good extension! What I miss: the ability to assign buttons - icons!

Eyes are used to working with icons.

When the buttons only text, too long to find the right button. Especially when there are a lot of buttons.

Thank you.

Gloria “DivaShop” Lassich

Feb 7, 2018

chrome:// links stopped working

When I set up homely, there was a block for chrome prefs links that was handy, except the no longer worked. If Ientered urls manually, it was fine, but if I clicked one in a block it didn't do anything.

A Chrome Web Store user

Aug 16, 2017

Love and use it frequently

... but what about auto-sync between different computers? Maybe you can use the auto sync functionality of google or use Google Drive for automatic Export and Import of all settings?

That would be really great.


chozo echo

Jun 7, 2017


i want to make a deeper red for youtube tube but it seems that json hex doesnt work ? or maybe im doing it wrong could you's give me a hand?

Anjanette Gibbons-Schlafmann

May 22, 2017


I had the extension on my old computer upgraded just today and before I did I made sure to save my homely backup. Now when I open it, it will not give me to the "options" where I can do my backup?

I don't speak in code so not sure what your homely button website is?

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