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Dennis Piet

Oct 30, 2023

Local webpage as homepage not working anymore

Since a few weeks my Home Button at the top right does not work anymore. I found out this is because I have set file:///D:/Users/Dennis/Documents/favoriet/favoriet.html as my homepage. This works fine with Chrome home button on the left, but not anymore with your extension. If I change the homepage to any online webpage, it starts working again. Any idea how to fix this?

Richard Murphy

Oct 12, 2023

Problem with use on Chrome

The extension works great on Edge but when added to Chrome, I get the following: chrome-extension://mocklpfdimiadpbgamlgehpgpodggahe/r/r.htm. Even though I set the option to about:newtab as instructed. Any suggestions?

Thank You

Ya Boi

Aug 10, 2023

white screen

on the Vivaldi browser it goes to the start page fine however the background is completely white which isn't to much of an issue all the speed dial buttons are there it's just a bit of a flash bang when working at night. wanted to let you know that it doesn't use the browsers theme.

Joseph Runions

Apr 22, 2022

Hey Hi Michael..

Hoping you can update this extension. Works perfectly in swiron a
chrome browser v74.0.3850 i decided to update to latest browser version. Only addon not working in my update kinda luv need this working lol. I click to bring up my speedial page about:newtab says blocked but when i reload page bam there is my speed dial page. Same thing on latest normal google chrome browser. Can you please try and fix, i like to fine tune my browsers and your extension is part of that LOL. Any chance you can offer a fix BTW i use the white icon on black them option too. Thanks so much for listening to folks!

Peter Laufernicki

Jan 12, 2022

Middle Mouse For New Tab

Would you be able to enable the capability to middle mouse click the button to open the homepage in a new tab? Thanks!

A Chrome Web Store user

Jan 3, 2015


I am trying to add the Home Button to my browser, but I keep getting this STUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUPID network error message, even with the best D/L speeds.

Gwynne Capps

Sep 17, 2014

Google Home Button

Why not have the home button on the left? It makes better sense and easy.

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