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Harry Underwood

Aug 24, 2021

Year Zero and prior

Would you consider translating 10,000 BC(E) as "[0 HE]", and mentions of prior dates as "BHE"?

Shaun Hinds

Aug 18, 2020

BCE issue

Hello! I am in love with the extension, but it appears that the HE extension doesn't account for instances of "BCE". Is this an issue on my end or something that is yet to be implemented in the extension? Thank you!

Wiktor Owczarek (Tikolu)

May 30, 2018

Tell users of Windows Holocene enabler about this extension

I love this extension, I was actually thinking of learning JavaScript to make something like this.

Anyway, my question is, would it be ok if I included a link to this extension in the notes of my Windows Holocene Enabler tool?

Kermit Alexander Norlund-Matthiessen

Jul 6, 2017

BC Centuries bug


Love this extension! Makes my Wikipedia reading so much better. Dates are also so much easier to put in perspective this way!

I think the "Xth century BC" might be off by one. For example, I recently noticed that the "2nd Century BC" is converted to "98th Century HE". I believe it should be the 99th.

20th Century AD -> 120th Century HE
1st Century AD -> 101st Century HE
1st Century BC -> 100th Century HE
2nd Century BC -> 99th Century HE

Hope you agree and that you're able to fix this.

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