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Joshua Van Sant

Jan 4, 2022

Open bookmarks in tab option

Currently to open bookmarks in the current tab you have to focus the omni box (control+l) and hit * + tab. It would be much easier to create a toggle to make the default holmes box open in the same tab rather than a new tab.

Da Ta

Oct 11, 2021


как изменить шрифт и его размер?

Calvin Powers

Nov 21, 2020

same tab?

First of I like this extension a lot and will review it on the store soon. I am migrating from Fireox and I can't believe Chrome does not have a built in way to navigate bookmarks. This extension saved me from going back to Firefox.

One question/suggestion. It seems that the selected bookmark always opens in a new tab. It would be great if there was an option to open in the urrent tab insted of a new tab.

Petr Doležal

Apr 6, 2020

& (ampersand) is not recalled properly when included in URL

When recalling websites with ampersands in their URL, it messes up the URL and stops the URL from working properly.

Saved website:
turns into the following when summoned using Holmes:
Which ignores Canada as also being an input to the underlying Query

Matt Blais

Dec 20, 2018

Suggestion: search bookmark folder names

Search bookmark folder names too: for example, I know I'm looking for a bookmark that relates to "javascript", but that word might not be in the site name - but if it's filed in my "javascript" bookmarks folder, it would be useful to be able to filter the results that way!

Evan Daley

Sep 6, 2018

Settings / options please!

I think a lot of users would benefit from having more control over the extension's behavior.

- A yes/no that sets whether the content loads in the current tab or a new tab. Personally I would prefer if the current open tab was replaced with the new content (rather than a new tab being opened).
- An integer representing the number of suggestions to display.

This extension is awesome. Keep up the good work!

A Chrome Web Store user

Jul 30, 2018

Minor bug when starting with "."

When you type "." (I have a bookmark for ".NET") results are returned, however, all characters end up being the same.

For instance, ".NET" turns into "..."; "GOV.UK" turns into "GGGGGG".


May 17, 2018

search directly

I want search directly in opening the search bar without one click

Bergg Uscha

Mar 28, 2018

open multiple search results

one way to do it would be not closing H. on middle click.

the other, somewhat uglier, check boxes.

Steven Walters (SmallBusinessHelper)

Mar 23, 2018

No FOLDERS in results.

I extensively use Bookmark Folders to Store & Reopen Work Project Sessions.

I have so many Project Folders of bookmarks, I'd like to be able to find my folders using your Search Tool. So that I can click on the folder from your results and it opens all bookmarks within that folder in a new window(same as right click open all in new window).

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