Hiver - Gmail-based customer service solution
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Hiver - Gmail-based customer service solution

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Deliver multi-channel customer service with Hiver right inside Gmail. Get started in minutes.

With Hiver, teams can assign, track, and collaborate on customer emails, as well as run the most advanced analytics and automations, without having to learn any new software. Over 8000 teams from companies like Canva, Flexport, and Oxford Business Group, among others, use Hiver to deliver a better customer experience. ✉️ Email - Manage shared inboxes like support@ and info@. Create ownership for every email and collaborate faster internally. 📖 Knowledge Base - Empower your customers to self-serve with our centralized library of help articles. 💬 Live Chat - Offer personalized real-time support and manage these chats right inside Gmail. 📞 WhatsApp - Manage all queries that come via WhatsApp and respond to them without leaving your inbox. 🎙️ Voice - Provide support via call by setting up an Aircall account and start managing your voice inbox. Hiver has all the powerful features of a helpdesk, yet the simplicity of Gmail. Here are a few: Key Features ✅ Loop in teammates on emails with @mentions and get inputs when needed. ✅ Get alerted when someone is responding to an email with Hiver’s Collision Alerts. ✅ Automatically assign emails to your team in a round-robin manner for faster responses. ✅ Collaborate with co-workers outside your shared inbox with Collaborators and resolve queries faster. ✅ Track key customer service metrics and identify areas of improvement. ✅ Get rich customer context and craft personalized responses with the Hiver Contacts feature. ✅ Set the right expectation for your team and never drop the ball on queries with SLAs. ✅ Measure customer satisfaction by sending a short survey at the end of emails. ✅ Intelligently close non-actionable ‘Thank you’ messages with Harvey - the AI bot. ✅ Connect your favorite apps like Asana, JIRA, Salesforce, Slack, and Zapier with Hiver. Reasons you’ll love Hiver: ✅ Designed for simplicity so you can get started in minutes. ✅ Provides 24x7 support across all plans. ✅ Most secure customer service solution. Does not store your emails. ✅ No tickets, no weirdly formatted emails. Have real human-to-human conversations. Take Hiver for a spin with our 7-day free trial - Or check out how Hiver works in 5 minutes -

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Алексей Алексеич3 нояб. 2014 г.

Работает, но при условии, что у всех стоит Gmail. У меня Gmail, а у клиентов или Яндекс-почта- в этом случае это приложение бесполезно.

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    10 апреля 2024 г.
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    Grexit Inc
    Zanker Ln San Jose, CA 95134 US
    Электронная почта
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    Разработчик не указал для себя статус продавца. Просим клиентов из Европейского союза обратить внимание, что на сделки между вами и этим разработчиком не распространяются законы о защите прав потребителей.


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