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Кое Кто

Jul 8, 2023

Jump to the time/date

When showing search results, please make me able to jump to the view at the time of the entry to see what I've visited just before or after particular entry. Please

Trọng Nguyễn

Nov 18, 2020

Can't copy text

Hello, when I try to copy text on this site, a javascript named copy_detect.js blocked my copy and I can't copy anything. When I disabled your extension, I can copy again.

Andy Green

Aug 19, 2020

Automatically filtering web history

I want to limit my history to a few specific websites (such as Stack Overflow), so that other websites won't be recorded in my web history. Would it be possible to add this feature to the History Manager?

Josh Levine

Dec 28, 2019

"Extension Bookmarks" folder


I've noticed an issue with this extension whereby opening the history manager automatically creates an "extension bookmarks" folder on the bookmarks toolbar. Deleting the folder removes it until the next time I open the history manager.

Could this be looked at please?

Achmedzhanov Nail

Sep 30, 2019

Focus in searchbox

I think default focus should be in text text box

Lalo Martins

Apr 8, 2019

Extension bookmarks

Why does this ‘Extension bookmarks’ folder keep popping up? I looked at the code and it seems to serve no purpose. Maybe it's leftover dead code that needs to be removed?


Feb 21, 2019

History list too short

When I go to my HISTORY tab, it will only show the last eight or so. There are no buttons there that will open for "today", "yesterday", "last 7 days", etc. How do I expand my History list? Thanks

Shahan Born Calicut B'in Dubai

Jan 1, 2019

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Do your extension have the ability to show as a notification - if we have already visited this web page earlier.

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