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Oct 13, 2023

download the video is not showing

When i done with video it trying to export the video but it shows white and there a bar in the top and look like is completed or just white

Connor Giresi

May 1, 2023

Extension not working correctly

The extension keeps on saying I have not shared audio or visual, yet I have. Can you please help me fix the problem?

Iammariapaz qcastillo

Sep 8, 2022 by gratitude

rResponsive acknowledgement in client appreciation. :-) to mention my email and name for verifying through and only sole official account proper aka recipient on crystal clear clicked between true and correct Yes is a yes on behalf ,...


Sep 4, 2021

Recording Limit

Hi there, I have been using Hippo for a bit over a year and it's really good. I got all five referrals so normally recording time limit caps at 2 hours, but lately it has been stopping at 15 minutes. I even tried getting another referral since I think that helped last time I had this issue but nothing is working so I wanted to see if that is something that can be restored on my account.

Jennifer Presley

Jul 21, 2021

account administrator

can this app takes a while to update so it not idealistic for pressed for time

Sarah Marie

Aug 21, 2020

i am trying to use it to record roblox and the recorder is causing the game to glitch.

as stated above the recorder is causing the game to glitch pretty bad and my daughter is wanting to use this for a youtube channel and unfortunately glitchy is not going to cut it. any help on this matter would be helpful.

Rej Leatherman

Jun 25, 2020

The title?

I was drawn to the application because -- frankly, taking a screenshot has become too complicated. You used to only have to press "Print Screen" and that generated a Screen shot. I would probably like to explored the other things this can do, but I would really like to take a screenshot. If it cannot do that right out of the box, as it were, I'm not going exploring. So, this will likely be uninstalled.

Aditri Nair

May 31, 2020

I am not able to upload my vids to youtube and I can not find all my vids and all my vids are gitchy.

I am not able to upload my vids to youtube and I can not find all my vids and all my vids are gitchy. Please fix this,will start using hippo after my problem is taken care of.

Gabriel Baldsing

Apr 28, 2020


Dear Creator of Hippo Video,

So your extension has been spamming messages and i deleted hippo video and still spams me.Before i need to say that i don`t hate your website i think its very cool and can one day make huge celebrities. Thats my report,so be careful wash your hand.:)

From:Gabriel Baldsing

Karl !!

Apr 10, 2020


You keep sending me emails that I don't want, I installed this thinking it was free, I uninstalled this and now, YOU NEED TO STOP SENDING ME EMAILS! This isn't funny and it's a HUGE problem.

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