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Rafael Green

Jun 29, 2023

Stuck in checking

how can I fix this? i've been waiting for how many minutes but the status is still "checking".

Mike Kim

May 4, 2023

Left-click shows empty white pop-up

It was working fine as of recently, but just noticed today that when I left-click on the icon, a (vertically) short blank white pop-up appears, so I can't change any options. It's actually still working otherwise, I just can't change options now.

Not sure if this is relevant, but when I do 'Inspect pop-up', I see a couple react-dom.production.min.js error stack traces, and also this: "caught (in promise) Error: Could not establish connection. Receiving end does not exist." from index.html:1

Malachi Quick

May 3, 2023

Isnt working

Having trouble getting it to work. I had been using it for the past month or so and it was working great but all of a sudden it stopped opening

Serguei Pikalov

Dec 31, 2022

Text fields and quotes

First of all, I very much like Highlighty, beautiful design and great number of options to customize.
Sadly, the extension doesn’t highlight text in text fields (like input or textarea). And for contenteditable divs it sometimes _hides_ the query from the text rather than highlight it. You can try any wikipedia page for example (try to edit it, both in code mode and visual mode). Is it possible to fix?
Also an idea to think about. I like the split search option, this way I can just copy&paste some text from page to highlight every word. But I might need to highlight 2 words as the phrase only ("jquery ajax", not "jquery" and/or "ajax"). Can you add support for quotes, so users would manually add them to query field for the case?


Dec 31, 2022


We have confirmed that the up and down keys do not work with Google Keep and text input when the extension is turned on.


Dec 31, 2022

Up and down keys in text fields still doesn't work

Any update on this issue? Can't use the extension because of that =(

Kevin Dunn

Dec 31, 2022

Did not work on the webpage I was using

Did not work on the webpage I was using.

Rogerio M. Souza

Dec 31, 2022

DeActive arrows keys (UP/DOWN)

Thanks for developing the extension.
But it locks the arrows keys (UP/DOWN).

Thank you.

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