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Shehu Jibril

Aug 18, 2023


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Matt Kanarick

Nov 24, 2021


Love the app! very useful. my only feedback would be this. After hovering over several highlights until i find what i'm searching for, If i click on that highlight, it doesn't go exactly to the timestamp (usually a little before, or a little after) it would be nice if you could click & be taken to the exact timecode. i did find a workaround, you can set the playback head to a position that is before the desired timestamp and then go over to the 'next highlight' button & get to the exact timecode that way. It just requires an extra step. Still a very useful app! thank you so much for making this!!!

Gabriel Ceron Viveros

Jul 29, 2021

Let extension show many timestamps from single line comment.

Hey, nice extension, I find it very useful. If a comment has many timestamps and the timestamps are placed in different lines the extensions works perfect. But if the comment has many timestamps but they are in a single line, only the first timestamp is shown, I'd suggest to show all timestamps in a single line ;)

Poopy Doop

Dec 18, 2020


How do i use it once installed? I see no call to action on the player and clicking the app icon does nothing


Jul 4, 2020

Possibility of adding support for Google Translate

I use the Google Translate Extension ( and it would be great if some sort of support for translation could be added. :)

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