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Highlight This: finds and marks words

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Jessica Jones

Jun 11, 2024


Hi, I can not get this to work on Microsoft 365. Is there an easy fix?

Bruno Lucena

Jun 6, 2024


I`m trying to recognizes text that contains caracthers like áÁâ and isn't recognizing anything in my regex expression.


Jun 3, 2024

I paid. But, still, I see the warning message below.

warning : You are at 409.99999999999994 % of words. Change your subscription to not miss any highlights

Sisitha Dilan

May 28, 2024

About the subscrptions

Hi, I just want to buy the licence for 30 users can you please arrange me a Quotation for one time purchase or one year renewable subscription chargers for whole 30 user. please reply me to

Hamit Balcı

May 27, 2024

limitations feauture

When I use limitations feature 'only highlight on', it doesn't allow me to add new words on the websites I listed under this title. Other websites that I didn't list are working fine.


May 23, 2024

Highlighting doesn't work on certain sites , the right highlight is from different list. all properties of these lists are identical.

Cody Forbes

May 17, 2024

Highlight table elements

It would be lovely if we could change the background color of an entire <tr> element if any part of that <tr> (including <td> cells within the TR) contain the matching word. I work with tables of data where this would be incredibly useful and I'd move to a paid subscription instantly if this feature existed.

Mary Elizabeth Peña

May 17, 2024

Kami is not working properly since the last Highlight this update (Works on Ajax pages).

Our end-users are reporting an issue using Kami. All the text in the documents appears blank. When we were troubleshooting, we found that disabling the extension 'Highlight this' fixes the problem. This problem started today (05/17/2024) in the morning. We also noticed that if we zoom in on the documents, it momentously makes all the text appear again.

Daniel Dos Santos

May 6, 2024

Sound alert

Is there an option to have a sound alert turned on when a keyword is found?

Yellow Marble Team

Apr 15, 2024

I cannot highlight every text

Sometimes when text has double space or other unidentified by me sign I cannot highlight text. Also it would be good if extension would highlight very similar text, for example when only difference is one space that was selected by accident.

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