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Hide News for Facebook with Timer

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Robin Shakespeare

Sep 27, 2020

Not working

Hi, the app sounds great but it's not working on chrome for me :(

Malick S.

Jul 25, 2018

Doesn't work for me

This app doesn't work for chromium

Henrik Sandsmark

Oct 13, 2017

Great, but it disables messenger

Bug: This extension has saved me many hours, but it disables the dedicated chat page, The "Type a message" field displays "Could not display composer" after 5-30 seconds after i change between contacts. When I refresh the page, the field is available for a short time before disappearing.

I use rather than precisely to avoid the distractions, so the bug is really detrimental to the function of the extension.

Dean Sofer

Jun 27, 2017

Auto-hide the feed after a configured time

It looks like you introduced a button to re-hide the feed that automatically triggers after a certain period of time. Can you allow me to disable and/or adjust this default time? I'd like to make it shorter lol.

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