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Techelet Hazony

Jun 5, 2024

Paid Subscription asking for key code

Hi, I just signed up, probably nor for the first time (???) for the paid version of your extension.
There was no option to choose a more upgraded version than the one I purchased.
Yet somehow, I tried selecting a certain country and it said that I was not eligible since I needed an upgrade.
Do you want world renowned hackers to recommend your aiding me? Vouching for me?
I honestly don't understand what is the deal, but what ever you want, you got it. What ever you need, you got it🙃
And just in case you missed it.. Anything at all, you've got it, baby.... 😜

Alex Serling

Sep 21, 2023

license key

Order number: GPA.3353-4365-6916-51649
Order date: 21 Sept 2023 07:31:47 GTS
Your account:
Item Price
Hide My IP Premium Subscription One Month (Hide My IP - Fast, Secure VPN) ‏10.99 د.إ.‏/month
Auto-renewing subscription
Total: ‏10.99 د.إ.‏/month
(Includes VAT of ‏0.52 د.إ.‏)
Payment method:
still am not getting the key

please advice me

Александр Архипов

Mar 29, 2023

Как отвязать свою карту от этого сервиса

Как отвязать свою карту от этого сервиса?

Steven Terrell

Jan 22, 2023


how or where do i change my email address and my password

Jeff Kraft

Dec 25, 2022

doesnt work



Aug 23, 2022

не работает

пишет Ошибка! undefined

Martha Lopez

Jul 15, 2022

not working

i had paid the yearly subscription, and it has not been working for a month now.....

Booyaka Chip

Sep 11, 2021

Stopped working

The extension stopped working in Chrome. No cleaning and reinstallation helps. In Firefox it still working, but I need Chrome.

José Antonio Álvarez Domínguez

Sep 5, 2021

The extension does not work

It doesn't matter which proxy location you choose: the prompt "Please select another proxy location" always appears


Aug 29, 2021

Can't connect to other country

hello developer. I have a problem, it's been more than 3 weeks I use hide my ip addreas it doesn't work when I want to use it and choose another country. it always appears "opps, please select another country". please give this a treat. thanks

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