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Heurio - One-Click Bug Report & UX Check Tool

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Elias Michael

Oct 19, 2023

extension issue

The app keeps prompting me to add the extension. I have. it's still not working. I was so excited for this...

Alejandra Buznego

Dec 1, 2022

Broke Remix apps for me

I seriously wanted to try this extension, but it caused hydration errors for my applications. It was terribly painful to debug.


Sep 30, 2022

Register issues

Hi, I want to create an account, but it does not work. I tried my gmail and my business. Can you help?

Mariana Garcia

Sep 19, 2022

the app very slow and not showing all my evaluation points

the extension works fine but when seeing the work reflected within the app I do not see but only one point of 20

Safa Ameen

Aug 17, 2022

Can Not Add Notes & Suggestions.

In one of the projects I'm working on with my team, I tried to put some notes and suggestions relating to UI design in specific files and fields, then submit these remarks for my team to see. but I was unable to do so because several fields do not allow me to type in notes or suggestions.

Jessica LAM

Jun 13, 2022

Guideline Cut off mid sentence

Is the guideline supposed to be cut off mid sentence?

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