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Steve Hayhurst

Jul 20, 2021

Waiting for Desktop

Windows 10 Pro
Blu smartphone G9 Pro
Android 10 Build QPA.190711.020
Blu Custom build: BLU_G0231WW_V10.0.04.08_GENERIC 18-06-2021 18:57

Followed the instructions:

1. Android App install.
2. ADB Server Installed.
3. Helium for Windows installed.
4. Reboot both phone and desktop.
5. Launch Helium Desktop.
6. Launch Helium Android.

Confirmed PTP is selected.
Confirmed Debugging is on.

The Android version is waiting for the desktop version.


Mar 19, 2021


I purchased premium but I have no code to activate it


Mar 12, 2021

where to go now

I got debugging down and device found but what do i do now, i cannot see any desktop helium app cannot get a wallet address therefore cannot register properly with helium

Ed Schaplow

Oct 5, 2020

note 20 ultra will not backup to pc with helium

note 20 ultra will not backup to pc because unable to place in ptp mode, /samsung says it is now automatic and there is no selection process and you the developer needs to modify your app to be compatible

Andrea Motta

Mar 26, 2020

Connection issue

I had the aim to backup my phone and change to a second device.
I runned Helium through Chrome on a linux machine. Detects the phone (with enabled USB debug) but freezes saying checking installation. Can you tell me a way out?

Jeff Allen

Mar 25, 2020

helium won't connect

I'm using hlium on a my phone.ONEplus OS Oxygen 9. I turned on debugging.... please offer me advice. The laptop recognizes

Alan Kitchen

Dec 30, 2019

Free Helium

Hi, I bought Helium Pro for my S4. It says it is only an access code and I need the free version. When i try to download the free version it says it is not compatible with my phone. How do I resolve this?

Augusto Finocchiaro Preci

Nov 26, 2019

not working with google drive

why its not working with drive?

Pablo Comparatore

Oct 3, 2019

No puedo Vincular un celular umidigi z2 con android 8.1.0

Necesito ayuda para recuperar mi copia de seguridad en un celular umidigi z2 con android 8.1.0

kevin ewing

Aug 26, 2019

Helium back Premium Not working.

When I try to do a restore I get the message that its not licensed. I made the purchase for the software back in Aug 2014.
Order date: Aug 21, 2014 5:27:45 PM CDT

I still have the email for the purchase.

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