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R Loney

Mar 26, 2023

Android chrome browser

Completely takin over my share as well as google drive

Lucien H

Feb 16, 2023

Notifications stopped working

Notifications stopped working for some reason

Claire Davis

Dec 29, 2021

Only Sound, No Notifications. Chrome, PC, Installed 12/29/21

My browser DINGS when the timer is ready but with no notification popup, I don't know what it's reminding me to do.

Enterprise Strategic

Feb 18, 2021

No Notification

Not getting a visual notification on a Dell pc

gaurav rajput

Jan 28, 2021

Only Sound No Notifications

Hey, I only get a sound no other notifications, so its confusing for which it rang for.

Kahn Céline

Jan 19, 2021

only sound no other notification

hi I only get a sound no other notifications - I'm on PC


Jan 14, 2021

Unable to view notification

I only get a sound but do not any notification to explain which reminder has ticked off

Giuseppe Berardi

Jun 23, 2020

How to erase SearchMine

Hi I'm having a lot of problems to try to disinstall Searchmine as main web browser in the Chrome settings...I have already reset original settings but nothing new .... Can u help me? Thanks so much Giuseppe

Sai Srivastava Tumuluri

May 19, 2020

Full Screen / Chrome Notification

When multiple screens are present, the notification is only visible on one screen, any way to make to multiple screens?

Can force Full screen notification be implemented?

James rollinson

May 5, 2020

i only hear a sound, no indication which alarm windows 10

Hi, there are 4 alarms possible , but each causes only a sound. How can we distinguish between them?

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