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4 Foot Care Tips Everyone Should Know About It is no longer a secret that very few people they are blessed with naturally pretty…

4 Foot Care Tips Everyone Should Know About It is no longer a secret that very few people they are blessed with naturally pretty feet. If you are not confident with how your feet look like, especially if your daily routine involves a lot of walking and running, you might want to pamper it a little. Here are the following foot care tips everyone should know about. 1. Make washing a habit It is important that you bathe your feet frequently because, unlike the other parts of your body, feet are more susceptible to dirt and sweat. Before you go out for work and before you go to bed is the best times to wash your feet. If you have sensitive skin, you can opt for a mild soap. We also recommend an antibacterial soap to prevent bacteria from breeding in your feet. Avoid using hot water when washing because it could lead to cracks. Pat your feet dry with a soft towel and pay more attention to the water between your toes because it could start a fungal infection. 2. Exfoliate your feet Exfoliating your feet is also recommended in order to keep it soft. Considering the fact that the skin in your feet is thick, opt for an exfoliate that could soften and smoothen the skin in the process. It also reduces your risk of calluses or corns. You can make your own exfoliating cream just by simply mixing sugar, salt, and baby oil to make a paste. Massage it in a circular motion for about five minutes before scrubbing and rinsing. 3. Apply some moisturizer We also recommend that you use a moisturizer especially during the winter season where your feet are more susceptible to cracking. Choose a foot cream that will keep your feet hydrated. Wear a pair of breathable socks after you have moisturized your feet. You can also apply essential oils such as olive oil, coconut oil, or cocoa butter. 4. Trim your toenails Lastly, keep your toenails trimmed and clean. Avoid using scissors when trimming your toenails as it can damage the nail. We recommend you do this after taking a shower because your nails are a lot softer this time around. Aside from that, avoid trimming your toenails too short because it could make you feel uncomfortable when you are working. Avoid trimming at an angle that can also cause ingrown toenails as well. If you have an ingrown toenail, we recommend you seek help from the experts instead of trying to figure it out by yourself.

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