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Bailey Killian

May 2, 2024

Show Font-Size

Would it be possible to have HeadingsMap show or display the Font-Size as an option in the map? It is extremely helpful for QA but I still have to Inspect each element. If the Font-Size was available as a Tooltip then it would take a fraction of the time.


Apr 19, 2024


Hi Team,
I've reviewing the Privacy Policy ( and have few questions. Hope you can help.
1. Prior to installing the web browser plugin there is a disclaimer displayed that states that the app can read and change all your data on all websites. I am not clear what this means. Is it possible to understand what is being read and what is being changed?
2. Also the privacy policy seems comprehensive, however it does not explicitly mention how it handles updates and changes to the policy and how users will be notified.
3. Finally how frequently is the application updated for feature and security updates and will the plugins be automatically update or does the user need to manually perform the update?

Travis Peters

Feb 20, 2024

The extension conflicts with ag-grid cell edit functionality

I have a screenshare I can send you privately.

Harvey B

Feb 16, 2024

scroll-padding-top is an injected style without opening the extension

Hi this is a great extension, however, this style is being applied without opening the extension (just having it installed):
* {
scroll-padding-top: 80px;

This CSS causes all websites with anchor/jump links like those in a table of contents to jump to the element with an offset of 80px. It's causing difficulty developing/testing websites when an unexpected global style is applied.

Please could this style only be applied when the extension is opened?

Thank you!

Eric Spitzley

Feb 14, 2024

Google Calendar Text Box

***After typing this all out, I just noticed others having the same issue. I go ahead and submit it anyway as another instance of the issue***

I am having trouble with this plugin causing issues with text input boxes. I specifically had the issue when adding new calendar events in Google Calendar. It may be happening other places, but this is the only place I saw this.

When you start typing text into the be box to name or or give a time to the event, the text can't be seen. It's like it aligns to the left of the cursor. It's there, but can't be seen while typing. You have to arrow the cursor over to see the input.

This only happens with this plugin enabled.

I narrowed it down to these by disabling and re-enabling all plugins.

Skrollan Zindel

Feb 14, 2024

Extension prevents input in Google Calendar

Since the update I have the problem that my Google Calendar no longer works properly.
When I want to set a new appointment there, the input field for entering the title expands so that the text on the left-hand side is cut off and can no longer be read.

I have reported this problem to Google, they suspect that I have installed an extension that is responsible for this. So I consulted with my colleagues who had the same problem and we all had this extension installed. After uninstalling it, everything worked again.
Unfortunately, I am dependent on the calendar for my work and can therefore no longer use the extension in my browser, although it is really helpful, especially for developing accessible websites.

I would be very happy about a solution.

Best regards,

Max McDonough

Feb 12, 2024

Extension doesn't open

Can't get the HeadingsMap extension to open on certain sites, namely and most importantly, my company's website that I develop for. Can't find support anywhere. Removing and reinstalling the extension does nothing. Extension works for most other sites.

Nathan Seya

Feb 12, 2024

Interferes with GCal

When I create a new calendar event, the title text of the event scrolls with typing. Anu text that was typed, is off to the left but the cursor is the first thing I can see so typed text is hidden. It is only possible to see what text is typed by pressing the left arrow, letter-by-letter (keyboard). But to continue typing where I left off, I must press the "end" keyboard button which makes the typed text hidden to the left again.

Thibaut Roegiers

Feb 12, 2024

Problem with "scroll-snap-type: mandatory" CSS feature


FYI, when your extension is on, the "scroll-snap-type: mandatory" CSS feature doesn't work properly anymore. The scroll does not snap right to the next "scroll-snap-align: start" element.

You can test on this CodePen :

Tested on :
-Apple MacBook Pro M1 Max 2021
-macOS 14.3.1
-Arc browser 1.29.0 (46113) with Chromium Engine Version 121.0.6167.160
-Chrome 121.0.6167.160 (Official Build) (arm64)
-HeadingsMap 4.8.0

I did not have the problem before so maybe this bug was introduced in your last 4.8.0 version released a few days ago.

Dabuchi Dabuchu

Oct 31, 2023

Heading not recognized

I have several websites, and this extension can't recognized the heading tag in some sites.
I used other heading checkers and there is no problem with my sites.
So, what's wrong? and how can I fix it?
I prefer using this extension because it's easy to use.
Thank you

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