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Felipe Elia

Jan 11, 2024

The Teamwork integration is broken

Every time I visit a teamwork task, I see this error in the console (and clicking on the button does nothing):

Uncaught TypeError: Assignment to constant variable

Dan Ott

Nov 3, 2023

ZenHub integration

It would be really great to have ZenHub support added 👍

Matthew Nakaska

Nov 2, 2023

No clock icon in asana tasks

No clock icon to track time in asana tasks. Extension is version 4.1 and chrome is fully updated, and I logged in to the harvest extension.

Paulo Presto

Nov 2, 2023

Clock icon not showing inside Asana tasks

Clock icon it's not swowing inside asana/asana task. I'm unable to track time per task.

Xandr Viking

Apr 7, 2023

The ability to access my browser history, what for do you need it ?

Tell me pls . why do you need the ability to access my browser history ? That's weird !

Marie Johnson

Apr 6, 2023

Trello link not working

Trello intergration not working. When you click to log time on cards it shows it is broken.
Started the 5th March and ongoing today

Szymon Binek

Apr 6, 2023

Problem with the buttom in Basecampe

Problem with the buttom in Basecampe "it does not show" and when clicked an error message appears:

Felipe Elia

Apr 5, 2023

The GitHub Integration is broken

Using Chrome version 112.0.5615.50 the integration with GitHub is broken. It tries to request https://https// and that fails.

Kile Lindgren

Apr 1, 2022

Move/Remove the signout button

Please either switch the My Timesheets button and the Sign out button, or remove the Signout button from the header. I accidently click Signout trying to go to my timesheet after years of muscle memory of going to My Timesheets.

Info SusanJCampbell

Mar 18, 2022

Small Bug

I just wanted you to be aware of a small bug in the extension. If you click and follow a url then hit the "back" button in the browser, you can no longer click on the clock icon to begin to start the timer. A simple refresh of the page solves the issue but if you would like to make updates in the future this would be one to fix!

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