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AI Agent for Chrome. ChatGPT Plus / GPT-4 copilot on any website. Automate, search, summarize, translate, write on websites with AI.

🧬 Save time on mundane browsing tasks, with GPT-powered AI Automation Agent. HARPA is your personal AI agent and web browsing & automation copilot. It integrates OpenAI ChatGPT, GPT3, GPT4, GPT4o, Claude3.5 Haiku, Opus, Sonnet, Google Gemini, web monitoring and automation to any tab. 💬 Call HARPA with [Alt+A] and ask it anything: HARPA brings page-aware AI chat to any website. It provides GPT answers next to Google, Bing, DuckDuckGo and Yahoo search results, allows talking to web pages, videos and PDFs, summarizing legal documents, extracting data, SEO keywords and more, which makes it a perfect research assistant. HARPA differs from chatbots such as ChatGPT in the following manner: ✅️️️️️️️ Hallucination-free. Our prompts and agents are designed to be as hallucination free as possible, providing accurate answers along with citations, grounded in the source materials. ✅️️️️️️️ Privacy-oriented. HARPA keeps your data locally, does not store logs, and relies on AI APIs that do not use your data for training. ✅️️️️️️️ Fast. Our premium AI connections are faster than the web chatbots, not geo-locked, not rate limited, and experience less downtime. ✅️️️️️️️ Always at hand, contextual, customizeable. Available on every tab, with a click of a button or pressing //. HARPA features are contextual and highly customizeable. ✅️️️️️️️ Combines models from OpenAI, Claude 3.5 and Google in one product. 🧠 AI-assisted search and web browsing Get hallucination-free AI responses alongside Google Search along with source citations. HARPA scans websites, compiling informed answers and follow-ups. 🎬 YouTube video summarizer HARPA can quickly summarize hours long videos piece by piece, saving you a lot of time watching. Navigate to YouTube and click Summarize button. 🚀 Over 100+ predefined page-aware commands HARPA brings AI-powered translator, Grammar checker, Trip planner, LinkedIn profile and CV optimiser, SEO content writer, article generator, Keywords extractor, Google Sheet formula writer, 🌈 Midjourney prompt wizard, AI study helper and other commands, crafted by professional prompt engineers. It comes with built-in RSS extractor and summarizer. 💌 Email Writer HARPA can write polished email responses: refine, rephrase and reply to emails in your unique voice and given your context. You can zero your inbox 2-3x faster using HARPA. HARPA integrates with GMail, Hotmail, Outlook and 10+ popular email services. 👍 Social Media Marketing Toolkit HARPA can write captions and hashtags for Facebook and Instagram, Tweets for Twitter, posts for Reddit and Medium, direct message replies for WhatsApp and Discord. ✍️ Spellchecker and Translator HARPA can translate any text online, perform spellcheck and correct spelling similar to Quillbot and Grammarly. 🎭️️️️️️ Long-article AI Writer HARPA can write anything, from tweets and DMs, to emails, SMM posts and long 25.000+ words blog articles in 18 writing styles, that rank high in SERP. It can even learn and mimic your unique writing style, making it perfect for copywriting and solving writer’s block. 🤿 Fully customizeable Create AI-powered automation workflows, AI commands and bots, that do work for you, or pick them from automation catalog. Call them on any website. There are automation templates to extract facts and tabular data, prices and SEO keywords, fill in forms, automate clicks, data scraping and web navigation. 📡 Website monitoring & task automation HARPA has a built-in price and web page tracker. Put any page on auto-refresh 🔄 monitor, detect price drops 💰 and get "back in stock" alerts and reminders on any E-Commerce website e.g. Amazon / E-Bay / Walmart / AirBnB / Zillow. Create smart auto-updating shopping lists, turn websites into APIs, send data to Make.com / Integromat / n8n, trigger IFTTT scenarios, spy on competitors. Automations can be run on schedule. 🔍 SEO companion HARPA complements Semrush and Ahrefs as a SEO companion with generative AI writing capabilities. It can extract SEO keywords from web pages, perform SEO audit, generate content plans, charts, enrich your blog with relevant LSI keywords and more. 🛡 User and privacy centered HARPA keeps your data local. We do not collect, sell or send any of your data to our servers, so that we can all sleep well. HARPA is the ultimate ai-powered productivity tool. It serves as a customizable alternative to Notion AI, Bing AI and **AI Copilot** for Chrome. It brings Open AI Chat GPT chatbot to any tab and allows creating custom automations without code. HARPA supports GPTs from GPT store, DALLE and OpenRouter models including from MistralAI, Perplexity, LLAMA and others. HARPA can be used for developing web scraping and data entry automations, no code required, though user scripts, JS functions and HTTP requests are supported. 🌟 HOW TO INSTALL & USE 1️⃣ Click "Add to Chrome" to install the plugin. 2️⃣ Navigate to a web page you want to summarize, monitor or extract data from, e.g. a product catalog. 3️⃣ Click the plugin icon in the Chrome 🧩 toolbar, a sidebar will appear. Ask HARPA anything or switch to MONITOR tab and click START to monitor the page. Done! 🌟 AUTOMATION & AI TECH HARPA AI is a new breed of AI automation products and is designed to give you web browsing and automation superpowers. It has a powerful hybrid AI engine that understands the structure and semantics of the web pages. HARPA brings a ton of features, including: ✅ Alerts, Notifications, Emails, Sounds, Webhooks, IFTTT ✅ Robust AI Engine ✅ Smart Element Locators ✅ CSV Data Download ✅ Cookie Banners Auto-Detection ✅ JavaScript Support ✅ Screenshots, Logs, Widgets 🌟 FUTURE RELEASES HARPA gets smarter and more powerful with every release. We are constantly improving our hybrid AI engine and add new features. Let us know if you have a use case in mind. You can reach us at support@harpa.ai 🔐 PRIVACY BY DESIGN HARPA is privacy-centric. We do not send your data out of your browser. We do not show you ads. We do not sell data. HARPA only has access to the web pages upon your explicit actions, including: asking it a question in a page-aware mode, using page parameters or page-aware commands and running page monitors. ℹ️ If (and only if) you choose to create an account with us (HARPA AI), we will create an account and securely store your account username and password (Personally Identifiable Information) to our server for authentication. ℹ️ The GPT language models are provided by OpenAI / Anthropic / Google. HARPA AI exchanges your prompts and web page content with OpenAI. Data is only exchanged about your actions, i.e. when you explicitly query AI in the extension. ℹ️ Anonymized extension usage statistics We use Mixpanel to monitor a number of anonymized feature usage metrics to improve the product. Our privacy policy is publicly available at: https://harpa.ai/privacy 🌟 RATE & SHARE If you like HARPA or find it useful, help us by spreading the word, or click the ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ button and leave a reply. HARPA AI is designed and developed with love in Finland 🇫🇮. All rights reserved.

4.7 out of 52.7K ratings

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Ahern BillJul 15, 2024

It was OK, but kept asking me to make payments, but since there was no trial opportunity for the main features, I switched to using TinaMind

3 out of 3 found this helpful
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Nikita BubisJul 13, 2024

free version doesn't work anymore

3 out of 3 found this helpful
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Parag SahuJul 12, 2024

I really liked this extension. Saves a lot of time

1 out of 3 found this helpful


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    July 5, 2024
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    Birger Kaipiaisen katu 4 LH Helsinki 00560 FI
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    This developer has identified itself as a trader per the definition from the European Union.


HARPA AI | Automation Agent with Claude & GPT has disclosed the following information regarding the collection and usage of your data. More detailed information can be found in the developer's privacy policy.

HARPA AI | Automation Agent with Claude & GPT handles the following:

Personally identifiable information
Web history
User activity
Website content

This developer declares that your data is

  • Not being sold to third parties, outside of the approved use cases
  • Not being used or transferred for purposes that are unrelated to the item's core functionality
  • Not being used or transferred to determine creditworthiness or for lending purposes


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