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Márcio Rocha Dolub

Oct 14, 2020

Comands in portuguese Brasil

I was trying to learn what I have to say for execute commands in PT-Br.

Is there any tutorial or explanation that teach's how to use it in my language?

The command I am most interested is to be able to fill text fields with my voice.

I've got really confused if I have to enable the voice command recognition to be able to start a command or if it has to be disable to do that..

Margaret Hess

Jan 27, 2020

Use of Voice Control extension for Visually Impaired Students

Hello there,
The extension is a wonderful tool. Do you have any pointers for using it with Visually Impaired/Blind individuals?

Brad Lazarus

Jan 25, 2020

Stopped working after a month

I love this tool, but it stopped working after a month - the microphone is flickering and not responding to anything (e.g. "wake up"). I have tried disabling/enabling and removing/adding the extension, but still no improvements. Any way to fix this? Thanks.

Brad Lazarus

Jan 25, 2020

Stopped working after a month

I love this tool, but it's no longer working. The microphone icon is now flickering and not responding to any commands (e.g. "wake up"). I have tried disabling/enabling and removing/re-adding the extension, but the problem remains.

Joyce Capobianco

Sep 3, 2019

Many problems

I was using Handsfree for quite awhile with no problems, but for the past month it's been unusable, when I say new tab it will open 20, when I say back it goes back 3 or 4 pages. It won't work on a previous tab & it shuts windows for no reason, even if the program is not opened, I have to remove it from Chrome or my windows malfunction. I love the extension & hope it's fixed soon.


Jul 10, 2019

Could not install



May 21, 2019

how do i add module

Hi i want to open a link by saying a simple key word
how do i add
for example
i want to open
This link by saying key words like "open MG video"

Thomas Lacombe

Mar 6, 2019

Change Language


I tried changing the recognition language to French but it seems like it doesn't work.
Is it supposed to ?


Robert S

Dec 15, 2018

Voice Control

Totally useless. Cannot activate. Have used other similar extensions with no problem. At the initial prompt, I denied access to camera, and that has apparently permanently barred me from allowing access to microphone. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling twice and allowing access to camera. Still, the app does not allow me to give permission to use microphone. In the lower left of the settings menu of the app there is a constantly flickering microphone with a bar across it Trying to deal with this has caused my Vivaldi browser to crash several times.

Arthur Lamotte

Nov 30, 2018

Youtube navigation fails

There's an interesting try with Youtube navigation : when you say "click the video", a navigation bar appears suggesting words such as Play, Pause, Mute, etc... The problem is... it doesn't seem to work. Still... good idea ! thanks you developer !

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