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Ismi Ammar

Sep 13, 2023

it doesnt write the text into input

input not inserted into the focused text input

Varaprasad Ganji

Feb 14, 2023

not working as described as text is not inserted

text is not inserted into focused input field after clicking on scan button.

Luc-Pierre Maes

Nov 14, 2022

WOuld be great to allow non numeric to be keyed in

In current verion, unless I am mistaken, the non-nuleric characters are stripped off the data passed to Chrome.
As a matter of fact a wide range of barcode symbologies alow non-numeric.
Hence removing the stripping would greatly enhance the value of this neat add-in

Blessed Tabvirwa

Apr 20, 2022

Not working as describd

When I have a web page open with a field focused and then trigger the plugin, type in the barcode/scan text, and click the scan button, the text is not getting sent to my form field. Am I doing something wrong?


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