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Joan-Angelo Enrile

Jul 8, 2018

CTRL blocks other shortcuts

Holding CTRL blocks all other CTRL shortcuts, even when the hand tool is deactivated.

I can't even copy&paste without right clicking the mouse anymore. :(


Dec 9, 2017

Great... except...

Works as stated lovely flow and speed on sites I've tried it on. But I originally got this for easy scrolling on pdf's in chrome's pdf view. Doesn't seem to work though. If this is known problem then I vote for it to take priority. If this is unknown then please could you investigate. I tried with this file:


Dec 2, 2017

Hand Tool for Firefox Quantum

Please, port your extension for Firefox Quantum.


Nov 20, 2017

The extension does not work outside the Chrome window

1. Start scrolling the page/image
2. While holding down the scroll key, move the mouse cursor outside the browser window:

Previously, it worked! It also works in the "ScrollAnywhere" extension:

Will Parry

Oct 22, 2017

Fix for Chrome 61

1.4.0 - 18/10/2017
- Fix issue with Chrome 61+. Since emitting custom Wheel Event no longer has any effect on scrolling, the extension now falls back to update element.scrollTop & scrollLeft directly, which might cause layout issues with certain websites while scrolling.
- Also as you might have noticed, this extension no longer works with chrome's pdf reader. After an update some time ago, Chrome's pdf reader has started to run within a hidden internal extension window and there seems to be no way for other extension to manipulate scroll position of that window.

Ash McGahee

Oct 11, 2017

Stopped working

Hey, your extension finally broke. Lasted over three years since the last update! Nice work! Love the tool; are there any plans to repair it?

Raja Shekhar Midthanpally

Oct 8, 2017

Not working!

On some pages, horizontal scrolling seems to be working...
but please fix for vertical scrolling...

Tomaka Tom

Oct 2, 2017

Stopped working too!

At first I blamed my mouse, but no, it's the extension. Please fix it, it's so useful!

A Chrome Web Store user

Oct 2, 2017

stopped working today

very odd - worked for years, now its stopped working

Gavin Lloyd

Sep 29, 2017

Userscript alternative

I wrote a userscript to replace this after it stopped working recently. It might work with the native Chrome userscript engine, but I recommend Tampermonkey:

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