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Gui Ambros

Jan 31, 2015

Latest HN changes broke the extension

The HN changes in January broke the extension. I sent a pull request to the author, but others having the same problem (and desperate to have it back) can use the temporary extension with the fix, available here:

Arya Soltanieh

Jan 25, 2015

Seems to not be working anymore

Used to work perfectly -- Last few weeks something must have changed on HN -- definitely not working anymore

A Chrome Web Store user

Jan 19, 2015

stopped working with latest chrome update

clicking on Check to mark all read doesnt do anything

Travis Leleu

Oct 24, 2012

Interface comes up imtermittently

Hey, love the extension! Very useful.

Think I found a bug -- the Mark Read button / interface elements seem to show up randomly on HN pages. The comments component always seems to work, but about half the pages on HN (story listings) don't provide the interface.

Seems to be random -- sometimes the home page (/news) works, sometimes it doesn't. Sometimes the non-hardcoded URLs have it (/x?...), sometimes they don't.


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