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Sierra Williams

Jun 26, 2023

Interested but...

I have a few questions.

1. Would this software allow me to collect the email addresses of existing members of my Facebook group, or does it only work for onboarding new members?
2. How much is this per month? Is it an annual subscription?
3. Do I need Zapier to integrate, or can this software directly upload to Mailchimp?

Thank you.

אליהו פלג

Dec 27, 2022

canceling membership

i would like to cancel my membership immidietly.
i cant even check the price im paying.
thank you

louise littler

Oct 9, 2022

Approve by groupboss not showing

Hi, when I go to let people into my Facebook group it no longer says approve by groupboss it just says approve. I have re-started my computer and no change.

The groupboss extension is still added and dashboard looks ok.

Janine Bernabe

Sep 1, 2021

Setting up Extension to Fb group

Hi good day, Just started using groupboss I have a problem in setting up the extension. I've already watched videos on how to set up this . After I add it to chrome, then go back to my fb group page the add list is not coming out I cannot configurate my account it always says "Please visit your facebook group to set up initial configuration". Hoping you could help me asap. Thank You.

Even Better After 50

May 24, 2021

Questionn about google spreadsheet


I love your app, just started using it. I am mainly using to capture responses to questions in google sheets. my question, can I hide columns on the sheet (to make it easier as I also use for tracking), or if I hide them will this impact future data transfers to thte sheet? Similarly, can i add a few extra columns to track other data, or if I do will this impact future data transfers?


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