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Easily export WhatsApp group contacts and chats contacts to CSV, Excel files.

What is Group Contact Extractor for WA? Group Contact Extractor for WA is a Chrome extension that allow people export and save all WhatsApp contacts, includes unknown phone numbers of group contacts. Who is the WhatsApp group contact extractor designed for? As far as we know, WhatsApp is widely used for business communication. So we developed this WhatsApp group contact extractor to make it easier for marketers, salespeople or e-com sellers to better use WhatsApp for marketing and sales. What can it do for you? Whether you're looking to boost your brand's visibility or drive product sales, whether you operate offline or sell on platforms like Amazon, Shopify, Shopee, or MercadoLibre, as long as your potential audience utilizes WhatsApp, this Chrome extension is your key to initiating communication with them on WhatsApp. The WhatsApp Contact Extractor Chrome extension enables you to export contact details of members from the WhatsApp groups you've joined, as well as the phone numbers of individuals you chat with on WhatsApp. Additionally, the extension can save your extracted WhatsApp numbers locally as a file, allowing you to review them at your convenience. You can download WhatsApp group phone numbers in various formats such as csv, xlsx, json, and more. Whether you're aiming for brand exposure or product sales, this innovative tool facilitates the establishment of a robust communication channel on the WhatsApp platform. Regardless of your business model, as long as your target audience uses WhatsApp, this Chrome extension serves as a solid first step in expanding your business. Feature: Export WhatsApp contacts Export the phone numbers you have chatted with. Export the phone numbers of WA group members (optional whether to include administrator) Save contact information to csv, xlsx, json and other file formats Easy to use Constantly updated. Respecting your privacy and security, the chrome extension will not record any of your information. Note: 1. If it's not working, please disable other WhatsApp extensions and try, then it is working. 2. is essential for the WhatsApp Group Contact Extractor to work, the chrome extension will first open a WhatsApp tab in browser when you click the chrome extesnion icon on other pages. 3. The chrome extension not only supports ordinary WhatsApp accounts, but also supports WhatsApp Business accounts. Disclaimer: This Chrome plugin is not endorsed or certified WhatsApp Inc. This is an unofficial enhancement tool for it. This software is not to be used against policies of WhatsApp Inc in any manner. ———————————————————— LEGAL ———————————————————— WhatsApp is a trademark of WhatsApp Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries. This extension has no relationship to WhatsApp or WhatsApp Inc.

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