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Mikael Holm

Oct 31, 2023

Can not install Group Collector

I am trying to load Group Collector to Crome but the Extention never show up in Google Extentions. It shows "Adding in Ceome..." but nothing more happening.
I have tried both with and without antivirus.

Denise Turner

Sep 26, 2023

re activate account

My account has been disabled because my card was cancelled. I need to re activate this account ASAP. what I have been told to do isnt working. How can I do this

Monica Nunez

Feb 3, 2023

Chrome extension

Hi I just purchased group collector. I am trying to download the chrome extension. I did not give me any message that it downloaded, cant see it in my chrome extensions and if I try to download it it tells me that is is already being download. So Im stucked. Please help.

Delilah Zawadiuk

Jan 18, 2023

Trying to install

NONE of the instructions in the email I received with License and Password even exist on the email link. The first instruction is to "add to Chrome" on extension page. This does not exist when I click the link I am given.

Beth Mancuso

Aug 18, 2022

GC Not Working

As of this morning there is no option to GC approve members anymore. Help!

Scott Dixon

Aug 18, 2022

Having Issues Getting Group Collector Working This Morning

I am having issues with group collector this morning and when I go on the member request tab of FB the group collector option is not activating. Do you know if there was an update to FB which causes an issue with the plugin? Thanks for the help.

Rebecca Roy

Mar 22, 2022

Error performing query.

Sometimes when I try to GC approve I get the "Error performing query." message, and it can't collect leads.
How do I resolve this?

Munira Adenwalla

Aug 26, 2021

I registered with a different email to my Facebook email used


I registered for Group Collector with a different email to the one that I use for my Facebook profile / group. Is that a problem? Or how can I change that?

Thank you,

Bella Allen

Oct 30, 2020

FB groups member emails

download emails from my group. will i be able to get the emails if they are already member's?

Shonda Hall

Sep 29, 2020

No Data Being Collected on My Google Sheet

I'm approving members into my Facebook Group and the first and last name as well as the email address is being pushed to my email marketing provider, but no data is being collected and or retained to the Google Sheets. The Google Sheet was suppose to collect additional data for marekt research purposes. What is the issue?

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