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A Chrome Web Store user

May 26, 2018

Color scheme is horrible

Please, change blue color. It hard to read.

Iivari Mokelainen

Jun 20, 2017

Console off baseline

Hi. The console > command line is not at its right place

Jiri Rybar

Dec 2, 2015

It looks awful

It may have not overwritten my previous theme. I've tried to uninstall all DevTools Themes, restart Chrome, then install just this one and the problem persists.

Michael Simkin

Sep 17, 2015

Elements panel background color

Everything looks fine, but Elements panel background :(

P.S. Also, Network sub-panels background is white

Paul Devine

Mar 31, 2015

Colors broken :/

As others have mentioned this has died with the latest version of Chrome. Please look into this and update if possible, I only found out about this awesome plugin today!


Feb 2, 2015

Same problem as other users - a bit more explanation

With the latest release of chrome this plugin has stopped working.
The background colour changes as desired, but all the text colours are the default styles - rendering a lot of it unreadable on the still dark background.
Experiments and Custom UI options are still enabled.
Presumably they've changed the way the custom styles work.

Will Kerswell

Nov 20, 2014

Network tab

Under the network tab the headers text is really hard to read could you fix this/ tell me how to?

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