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Vergilio Cardoso de Oliveira

Jun 3, 2023



Alison MacDougall

Nov 2, 2016

Can't Write in Google Docs

Hi - The green eye extension is providing a colored overlay for my docs and websites but I can't seem to continue typing in the doc when the overlay is being used. How do I avoid this problem as I have students that require the color overlay while creating written text?

Chris Waito

Sep 13, 2016


Hello, I am the Software Support Specialist at my school board. I have a staff member advising that your product does not work with some websites. Does your product have minimal requirements for use, i.e. no Flash/Flash support,HTML 5 or no HTML 5 support or particular browser support?

Abhishek Athankar

Apr 10, 2015

Different colours for Different websites

Please add option to save particular colour for particular website.
For example green for one website and brown for some other website

Renwen Huang

Feb 26, 2014


我现在用“AutoPager Chrome”插件,在很多论坛网站上,网页自动翻到下一页时“绿色眼睛”就无效了。不知道能不能对此问题做些优化,谢谢!

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