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10 things you don't know about the greatest actors of all time Acting is one of the most critical job profiles that is not…

10 things you don't know about the greatest actors of all time Acting is one of the most critical job profiles that is not everyone’s piece of cake. Even with the use of high-end technologies, editing, and animations, it is imperative to cast some highly influential & talented actors in a movie to make it successful. When the movie needs to tell the story of some individuals or a particular plot, it needs professional experts who are able to impersonate other human beings or roles. This is the role of an actor. Since the advent of the movie industry, the world has witnessed several leading actors & rising stars contributing significantly to the acting arena. Though nothing is private about the personal lives of the actors, there are various facts that you might still not know about them. For making things more interesting for you, here are some of the top things that you didn’t know about the greatest actors of all times: 1. John Wayne: Most of us know John Wayne for his charming, cowboy persona. However, there is much more to this famous Duke than the popular swag carried by him. One of the most tragic incidents in his life history includes the body surfing accident that changed his career. Like several USC students, Wayne used to spend a great amount of time out in the ocean –surfing being his favorite extra-curricular activity. However, after sustaining a severe shoulder injury during surfing, Wayne lost his membership in the football team. This made move to the acting career. 2. Jack Nicholson: One of the most spirited actor, producer, director, and screenwriter, Jack Nicholson is an avid basketball fan. He can be frequently found along the courtside seats of the Los Angeles Lakers games. Nicholson is also the long-term fan of the New York Yankees. 3. James Stewart: Known for his divine down-to-earth persona & excellent acting skills, James Stewart was a leading American star. Music was an integral part of James’ life and he even went on to play football & track teams in his early days. 4. Tom Cruise: The heartthrob of many girls & women out there, Tom Cruise continues to run his acting legacy even in the current times. However, very few people know that Tom wanted to become a priest and even has a special “Tom Cruise National Day” celebrated in Japan in his honor. 5. Al Pacino: Famously known as Alfredo James Pacino, he is an American actor & filmmaker. In his early acting career, Al Pacino even worked as a temporary stand-up comedian. With an overall net worth of around $135 million, Al Pacino never married his entire life. 6. Marlon Brando: Known for his amazing role in the movie “Godfather”, Marlon has been one of the most influential actors in the second half of the 20th century. In his early days, Marlon worked as an elevator operator. With his astounding rise in the acting career, Marlon went on buy his own island. 7. Daniel Day-Lewis: A famous English actor holding both British & Irish citizenship, his outstanding role in the movie “My Left Foot” garnered him several awards including the BAFTA Award & the Academy Award for Best Actor. 8. Tom Hanks: One of the most legendary actors of all time, Tom Hanks has reached the pinnacles of success in his spectacular acting career. With an asteroid named after him as “12818 tomhanks” after its discovery in 1996. 9. Johnny Depp: Holding the Guinness World Record in 2012 for being the highest paid actor in the world with $75 million, Johnny Depp started out as a musician. 10. Morgan Freeman: God to many, Morgan Freeman is known for some of his best performances that could not have been performed by any other actor.

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