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Nick Kat

Aug 25, 2023

feature request

It works, thank you!
It'd be great to fine tune it. Ideally, define RGB -> Grayscale RGB transition (sometime what is green, would be nice to make brighter

Andrew Wainwright

Nov 11, 2020

Please tell us how to turn it on.

Clearly many of us have had the same issue. The Extension page says it is on (slider to the right), but when I click on the Extension Options, where you can change the hotkey, it says status: OFF. No amount of Shift-G or any other combination I've tried changes this. (And subpixel rendering is still making everything unnecessarily psychedelic.)


Jan 29, 2018

Doesn't Work

Shift-G does not do anything and I no changes I make alter this.

Veronica Taylor

Jan 10, 2017

Grayscale Add-On

Cannot activate this add-on. Shift-G does not work.

Zhian Kamvar

Nov 10, 2016

Add support for local html files

The extension works as it says. A nice improvement would be to (if possible) add support for local HTML files (files://localhost/...)


Dec 12, 2015


how to remove the grayscale tool

Miguel Ferreira

Nov 2, 2015

Doesn't work

When I press the shortcut key nothing happens.


Oct 10, 2015

Can't make 'Alt + Shift + g' to toggle Grayscale Tool on/off

Hello, Thanks for your nice work. This extension saves my eys. However, I prefer to make 'Alt + Shift + g' to toggle Grayscale Tool on/off, but the extension options cannot do this. My suggestion is, would you please make the extension work with Chrome extension keyboard shortcuts so that we can define combo keyboard shortcuts, like alt + shift + g. *** NOTE *** If you go to chrome://extensions/, you'll find at the very bottom a link to "Keyboard shortcuts" from where you can set your own shortcut key to whatever you want.

Blue Wolf Zero

Sep 4, 2015

Must delete

I can't delete it!!!

Neelesh Sahu

Jan 13, 2015

unable to activate the plugin with shortcut

unable to activate the plugin with shortcut

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