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Mark Santos

Jan 9, 2024

Any chance you'll fix these bugs anytime soon?

Really looking forward to it!

Richard Tarjeft

Oct 13, 2023

Last couple of days the prompter is not returing results

I have tried to figure out why and once it did say over quota but that is not possible since I have credits on API and have not used the prompter at all in those cases. It is an issue with the plugin communicating with the API. In the limited cases I was able to get it to work it would not go line by line on output like usual it would spit out the entire output or nothing. Most of the time nothing.

I called others using the prompt they are having the same issue.


Mar 3, 2023

GPT-Prompter is Disabled in popup menu

I don't understand why, but often in the pop-up menu, GTP-Promter is Disabled.

Giuseppe Vitale

Feb 1, 2023

insufficient quota

You exceeded your current quota, please check your plan and billing details.

What Have I to do?

GOA Skincare

Jan 14, 2023

Extension not working/ taking too long to process

APIKEY not found. Click on the GPT-prompter icon to set it. But there is no Icon.

Kevin Ma

Jan 14, 2023

Not working

When I write click and click on one of the options of gpt-prompter, no window shows up. Nothing happens. And when I check the api key on openai's website, it says it was never used.

Or Aberman

Jan 14, 2023

On the fly prompts stopped working

I think the last update broke the On the fly option. Nothing happens when pressing the button even after a reinstall.
(awesome extension nonetheless...)

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