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Ed Brancheau

Dec 18, 2023

I'm removing this plugin because it doesn't seem to work

I'm trying to run the Real Estate Agent Prompt and these are my variables:

"<location>": "San Diego, CA"
"<location>": "Los Angeles, CA"
"<location>": "San Francisco, CA"

But when I run the prompt, in ${textVariableName} it enters "undefined" rather than the variables:

My first request is "I need help finding a single-story family house near downtown undefined"

Stuart Kerr

Oct 25, 2023

How to accept user input

Hey there. I love the concept of this. I'm trying to build a complex prompt that's may be 100 or so words that sets up a request for Chachi P.T to create an interview guidebook for my daughter. The problem is I need to ask for the job description as a URL and then I need to bring the two together and then run the prompt. I can't figure out how to do that via the limited documentation that you're providing. Is there anyway to show how we accept user input and then use that user input to then feed all of that to chat GPT for and have it run the customized prompt combined of our text plus the information they came fr, the user input??

Eric Leite

Sep 4, 2023

It does not send message.

When I run the macros, it does not foward the message in chatgpt.
It fills the text in chatGTP with the first instruction but stops.

Laszlo Makay

Aug 15, 2023

Ready to paying for your tool/extra feature


It is a great tool and I am ready to pay for the extra feature (I am already a Plus user for gpt-4 too), but I use gpt-4, so the "skip of some variables" problem is a great obstacle. Using gpt-3.5 is not a solution, because I am also using gpt-4 plugins, not available on 3.5. I am sure that many other gpt-4 Plus users (already paying for GPT-4) would order your extra features as well if this problem is solved. They are the best target market for your tool! (They are ready to pay for extra and they are technically advanced users.)

I am even ready to pay some one-off bonus if you solve the gpt-4 problem!!! Please solve it!

Best regards,


Muhammad Farhan Miah

Aug 7, 2023

Skips the prompt when several

When I put promt with multiple parameters. Sometime it skips a parameter and goes to the next one while using gpt4. Can you please help me with a solution. And I would also like to know what is batch process that I would like to purchase.


Jul 10, 2023

Browser Compatibility

This extension doesn't let me login with Microsoft Edge. (on Windows 11)

It worked fine if I use Chrome

Neutron ඞ

Jun 25, 2023

Please add support for uploading json file to the prompt

Also please add item processed counter so it can be helpful to track the json

Kris Phelps

May 31, 2023

Bug Report: Variable values being skipped randomly

Hey there. Love the extension and upgraded to a Pro account. I'm providing a list of 92 values for a single variable. It seems to randomly skip many. Upon visual inspection, it looks like it pastes the values into the textbox, then overwrites what was pasted into the box then submits. It's not consistent. Sometimes it will paste 2 times, other times it might override 3-4 times. I've disabled all other Chrome extensions to ensure it isn't a conflict. One simple way to address this is to offer (perhaps as part of your Pro upgrade) a manual timer where I can choose the number of seconds between each batch submission to ensure there is enough time for Chat GPT to receive, process, and output before moving to the next value.

Kris Phelps

May 30, 2023

Pass Delimited GPT Responses Back to Prompt as Variables

Please allow the option to feed GPT responses back to a prompt as variables using a delimiter (For example, a Macro that generates blog titles. The first prompt: "Please provide me with a comma-separated list of examples of sports." GPT response: Soccer, Basketball, American Football. Then feed each of those lines as variables into this prompt: "Please provide me with 5 interesting blog title ideas about ${topic}"

Kris Phelps

May 30, 2023

Please allow reordering of Macros as you do prompts

Right now, you can reorder prompts inside of a macro beautifully with the drag handle. Please offer this same functionality for Macros, for organizational purposes.

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