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Andréia Schweitzer

Sep 12, 2023

o GPemu

o GPemu não ta indo pq


Aug 3, 2023

game running slow

every time i run GPemu, on any game it will run slowly unless i am connected to charge and u have reset and hard rebooted my chromebook but nothing makes it run faster. I wonder if it is a chromebook thing or a gpemu thing.


Jul 10, 2023

game controls

I can't change controls

Syberchase GD

Nov 18, 2022


I think having customizable controls would be amazing! I also think it would be cool if when you uploaded a game, it stores it in a menu that displays your recently uploaded games so that you don't have to drag and drop each time.

big man

Nov 9, 2022

mal emulador me descarge un monton de juegos de sega para nada sonic y tails metal slug kirby super star ultra solo para que me diga error

el peor emulador del mundo no pue de correr elsonic 3 dice error

Brayden Reed

Oct 28, 2022

pokemon emulation

The sound is super bad

Mexicano Enmascarado

Oct 27, 2022


Yo, is it possible to update the app? Like, no new feature, just like an update so it would still be playable because old apps wont be supported for windows and mac after december. Thank you

pinkfreddy gaming

Sep 15, 2022


the up on dpad isnt working right it keep making get off and on my bike

Q money 35

Sep 4, 2022


FIX THISSSSS I trade with a trainer and my game is frozen please help

Bacon Boy

May 22, 2022

cant download the thing

i tried clicking so many times but i cant start is the thing broken?

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