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laruth jackson

May 19, 2023

it keep saying cant load to my device

it keeps saying can't load to my device. im trying to get GOTO Webinar.

Accounting Department

Apr 14, 2023

I cant get it to work

I cant not get it to work and it has before can you help me please.

Tom Amorim

Oct 13, 2022

The extension is not working.

The GoTo for Google Chrome extension is not working.
Every time I get a call, the custom url search window with contact details doesn't open.

Leandro Augusto

Sep 14, 2022

Extensão GoTo no Chrome

Eu consigo realizar ligações usando a extensão, agora gostaria de saber como realizar as ligações, como posso usar no meu CRM e onde encontro as API's publicas.

Google User

Jun 1, 2022

Privacy Concern

There is no reason why this app should need the ability to read and change all data on every webpage. I'm sure it has something to do with clicking and making calls, however, this should be optional. We pretty much cannot use this.

Michael Smith

Aug 20, 2021

Your follow up on Support entries

I see user questions and issues in the Support section of your Google Extension in the Web Store which is a great idea, but no answers from your support. Hard to endorse for our business not knowing if this extension is in active development and patching support. Either that or are users misusing this Support tab and should you be documenting that in the GUI?

Jon Carmack

Oct 23, 2020

Incompatible with new facebook.

I have the Jive gotoconnect extension installed on chromium-edge from the chrome web store. It is mangling post text in the new facebook and makes the courser jump all over the place when copying/pasting/typing. This makes it impossible to post or edit page posts accurately. Disabling Jive extension immediately fixes the issue, reenabling causes the issue again.

Sal Stangarone

Feb 18, 2020

Try to connect but still grayed out

I'm giving it correct credentials but the button is still grayed out. Any ideas?

Randy Willig

Feb 13, 2020

Dial Balloon

I have phone numbers on a web page and the dial balloon is not poping up on hover


Dec 4, 2019

Can't Login to Extension

Can't login to the jive extension, it won't go past processing.

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