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Michael Mowbray

Jun 17, 2019

No Google Tasks extension appears to work anymore

This, and all the other similar Google Tasks extensions I have tried, no longer appear to work. Either, as pointed out below, a " refused to connect." error for those extensions that seem to open in a drop-down format, or a successful connection to the Google Tasks support page for those that open in a new tab.

I can only assume that since this is impacting all extensions that Google has modified something at their end. I also have to assume that it is not fixable since no extension I have found yet addresses the issue.

Jared Strutton

Jun 14, 2019

Not Working

States: refused to connect. The extension worked for a while but it stopped working about a month ago.

A Chrome Web Store user

Jan 30, 2017

Print with notes & print different formats

Thank you for reviving this.

Print only shows tasks' titles, not the notes that can be entered with tasks.

It would be great if the printed task list also included our notes. Maybe that needs to be an option.

Also, it would be really helpful if the extension could output plain text, csv, and/or OPML.

A Chrome Web Store user

Feb 19, 2015

right click add new task

would like the the context menu back.

please check here:

this is a old version of gtask from google which is working, and also have the right click add list menu. But that item didn't got market install which means it will automatic uninstall everything restart chrome.

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