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Jules Valente

Nov 16, 2023

Does not work anymore


It stopped working on my side on all slides. I do not see any arrows anymore.
Is it normal?
Thank you.

Brad Burns

Apr 4, 2023

Duplicated Sheets

Hi There,

First of all, WOW! Thank you for this wonderfully simple tool. It greatly increases accessibility and efficiency for the type of work I do in google sheets. I wanted to point something out in case you're interested in updating this tool. I created a large sheet that has about 100 'images over cells'. I duplicated that sheet to mess around with some stuff without affecting the original sheet. In the duplicated sheet, your extension does not recognize the same .pngs that it does in the original sheet. If I go back to the original sheet, the tool works flawlessly. Duplicated sheet has nothing. Have tried turning the extension off/on and refreshing the browser tab.

Just wanted to let you know. Thanks again!

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