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Dimitris Nerantzis

May 16, 2024

Mobile Chrome application

Hello , Hope you are well, I need to know how to add this extension to the mobile application of google chrome. Is it possible? Thank you

Erinç Dikici

May 13, 2024

Maps link leads to wrong address

Hi, and thanks for this very helpful extension. I've recently noticed a strange behavior:
I was searching on Google for a specific museum in a foreign country. The little map snippet on the right pane shows me the correct location. However when I click on it (thanks to this extension), the Google Maps pinpoints the museum with the same name in my own country (city)!
Could you please advise how to solve this issue?

Marek S.

Apr 21, 2024

Two row

Hi I have maps button in second row

Sjoerd Beukers

Mar 15, 2024

The extention doesn't work for me.

Hi thank you for the effort but the extention doesn't work for me. It does not add the maps button back.
It changes nothing in my case.

Chrome browser.
country NL
tried .nl .com etc no change

Henrik Eijsink

Mar 12, 2024

Not working, error message in console.

(Btw kudos for taking the initiative to make this! <3)
This is the error message:

chrome-extension://e…rc/addMapsBtn.js:26 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot set properties of null (setting 'textContent')
at insertMapsButton (chrome-extension://edllcgchknhokighleffpipdedmpgiln/src/addMapsBtn.js:26:50)
at chrome-extension://edllcgchknhokighleffpipdedmpgiln/src/addMapsBtn.js:44:5

Boris Bergamo

Mar 12, 2024

JS error


The extension doesn't work here, because addMapsBtn.js:26 is looking for a span, but it's actually a div :
mapsAnchor.querySelector('span').textContent = 'Maps';

Cloned 'Images' anchor : <a href=".." class="LatpMc nPDzT T3FoJb" jsname="VIftV" role="link" data-hveid="CAwQAQ" data-ved="2ahUKEwiqlaj8he-EAxWvRKQEHfT0CFMQ0pQJegQIDBAB"><div jsname="bVqjv" class="YmvwI">Images</div></a>

Morten Bonding

Feb 20, 2024

Nothing changed

Hi, thanks for taking the time to make this, I found this extension from the reddit page:

However, nothing changes for me, still no maps button, I'm running chrome Version 121.0.6167.185 (Official Build) (64-bit). I'm in Copenhagen, Denmark, but always have OS/browsers etc. set to English, so that shouldn't be an issue, any ideas?

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