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Michilin Ni Threasaigh

Oct 26, 2023

No longer working

I've been using this extention since we first locked down and it has been fantastic. But this year I'm encountering two problems:
1) a bug in the system has started randomly affecting my ability to hear student in my Meet speaking even when not running the extention. I had to disable the extention to fix this issue. Is it possible to figure out what the bug is and fix this?
2) I tried launching breakout rooms today and kept getting the error message that the extention couldn't sync with the main meet so it refused to launch the breakout rooms. Is it possible to fix this?
Thank you.

Gustavo Reis (profgustavoreis)

Aug 24, 2023

No updates for over a year and a lot of issues – has this extension reached its end of life?

Hello there, Robert! I've used your Breakout Rooms extension very successfully back in 2021 and brought it back this week for a training session I'm teaching. However, it seems like there are many issues ranging from not being able to change colors on the Meet toolbar to mic/cam icons not becoming red or green when they're switched on. In addition, participants and the organizer are not being able to automatically join the breakout rooms, despite choosing the respective options on the settings tab, and the "sound on" option from the "broadcast to all breakout rooms" button seems not to be working. In fact, most of the time I can't hear the sound from each individual breakout room even if I click on the "sound on" icon on its specific window. Finally, on the version notes page, I saw a reference to version 19.7, but the version I have installed is 19.6. Are there any updates on schedule? By the way, this is a great extension – thank you very much for all the work you've done! All the best 👍


Aug 24, 2023

No Sound from other people in the breakout rooms

we just tried this extension and we have one issue: sometimes the sound in the breakout rooms is not working eventhough everything is well activated, do you know why? Thanks

Катерина Аркуша

Apr 4, 2023

Не працює навігатор

Розширення дуже корисне. Але виникли проблеми: Навігатор перемикає лише між кімнатами, але ніякі кнопки (динамік, мікрофон, камера) не працюють. Дякую!

Patrycja Nahrebecka

Mar 9, 2023

Does this extension work anymore?

The extension does not change the pre-assigned names of my breakout rooms, the speaker and microphone functions do not do anything.

Frank Miele

Jul 7, 2022

Breakout Rooms no longer works since Google released their own Breakout Rooms

Hello Robert.
First I want to compliment you on an incredible program. Recently, Google released their breakout rooms (which do not work anywhere near as well as your program). Since then I cannot get your program to run. Sometimes the application won't open. When it does, it tells me that the rooms are "synched" and then will not open the program. When I start in Google Meet and try to start your breakouts - nothing happens. I then went to the free version of Google meets (which does not allow for breakout rooms) and tested your program, and it works. So clearly - there is something with the Google Meets breakout that is colliding with your application. I am hoping you know a fix - as we love your program.


Patrícia Carvalhais

Jun 8, 2022

Extension doesn't work

I've used this extension and I liked it but now it doesn't work.
I'm on Macos 12.4.
Will it be the OS version? I recently updated.

Kellee Tarum

Apr 14, 2022

Does this only work with Google Classroom?

I need to be able to use the wonderful function you've built to broadcast audio to multiple breakout rooms at once. Is this only compatible with Google Classroom or will it work with breakout rooms in a standard (free or paid) Google Meet meeting? Thanks!

Rahman Yavuz

Mar 9, 2022

Not all rooms are synchronous

In practice, not all rooms are in sync. How can I get all rooms to hear each other? This could happen in previous versions.

Inge Lambert

Jan 27, 2022

How many breakout rooms can you use at the same time?

How many breakout rooms can you use without putting too much strain on the computer's resources?
In the context of an exchange program, we want to start in a large group of about 60 pupils from different countries, and then have them talk in pairs. So we would like to work with 30 rooms. Keeping an overview is not realistic, but also not really necessary. We just want to make sure that a computer is technically able to open about 30 rooms at te same time.

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