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Vince Wilson

Sep 2, 2023

not working on me

try this one that i found really works. here

Nelia Mykhalko

Apr 20, 2023

this app doesn't work :(

Can you please help me? I'm a teacher and i used your app for two years. But now it doesn't work. i don't find any button during my conference is working

Ангеліна Колісніченко

Feb 1, 2022

It doesn't work any more

Hello, I used this app more than a year, but after Meet update there is no even icon in the screen. I deleted it from my browser and installed again but nothing had appeared. I don't know what to do now.

Mitch Gardner

Sep 16, 2021

Google Meet Update September 2021

Hey! Thank you so much for this extension - it is a an absolute saviour! However, with what I am assuming is an update to Google Meet, the extension has recently stopped working in any calls I make. I can see a space for the icon when I hover my mouse over where it once was, but I can't click on anything. Any help would be greatly, greatly appreciated by me and my students!

Assistência Estudantil IFES Campus de Alegre

Sep 13, 2021

Extensão não reconhece os usuários da sala

Olá. Estou tentando utilizar a extensão, contudo, ela não está reconhecendo os usuários que se encontram na sala, para que eu possa gerar os grupos automaticamente.

Camilo Yepes

Jun 7, 2021

Interface location

With the new update of meet, the location of the interface is hidden at the top of the screen and does not allow you to compare the lists.

Claudia Calin

Jun 3, 2021

The extension does not work

The extension does not work after updating Google Mett. Will there be an update that will make the extension functional?

Sabrina Billieras (CA)

Feb 23, 2021

Sessions en petits groupes

Dans les sessions en petits groupes, est-ce que les participants peuvent choisir leur groupe?

Maria Soledad Alvarez

Feb 20, 2021

no puedo usar

no encuentro como usarla

Ana Luisa Seelaender

Sep 22, 2020


Hello. I very much appreciate your extension. It's really helpful. But when I want to talk to people in one room, how can I turn off the sound of the other rooms (so I don't have students listening to each other in different rooms)? Thanks for your help.
Ana Luisa

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