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Federico Gabbi

Apr 25, 2024

impossibile rimuovere su account privato

non riesco a rimuovere estensione, perché dice che il mio account è gestito da organizzazione.
il mio account è personale e privato e non appartengo a organizzazioni
come devo procedere?

Lực Nguyễn

Apr 7, 2024

Tôi muốn biết giá các gói dich vụ zoom

Tôi xin được tư vấn các gói dịch vụ zoom

Kenneth Cline

Feb 7, 2024

no notices

does this app even works?

Annick Crossouard

Nov 24, 2023

je narrive pas a avoire mon resultats prise de sang du 21/11/2023

google chrome

Kervin Frometa

Nov 21, 2023

Sound Notification

Can you add Sound Notification, when a new mail arrive play the Sound , allow us to Enable/Disable de Sound Notification. Add multiple sounds to pick. Thanks a lot.


Jun 13, 2023

Periodically Quits Working -> Disable/Re-Enable

As many have noted, the button quits working. It will no longer launch Gmail when you click on it and the number doesn't change to reflect new/read emails. It has done this for quite a while. I came here looking for a fix.

I fix it by right-clicking the icon and choosing "Manage Extension." In the very first option I toggle "On" to disable it and then immediately re-enable it. And it then works again.

I have been doing this periodically for a long time now (once a week? more?), but lately it's every other day. Bummer because I've been using this extension for years.


Jun 8, 2023

gmail icon button doesnt work

Since last week I have found out that gmail icon button doesnt work. When I click it doesnt open and when I press ctrl+g it doesnt open it either. I guess it must be the chrome latestest update. I hope you have time to fix it :)

JoEllen Wilkey

Jun 2, 2023

Issues w/ Ext

clicking the ext no longer opens gmail, and the number doesn't update after reading emails.

Matt Taylor

May 22, 2023

Not opening gmail on click.

The app no longer opens gmail when clicking the icon.

Masato N

May 19, 2023

the app wouldn't boot

clicking the icon of Gamil checker makes nothing happen. It has started recently so I guess that the latest chrome brouser is concerned with this issue?

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