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Rahman Rahman

Jul 19, 2024




Jul 11, 2024

Zmena jazykov a preklad webových stránok v Chrome nepreloži ale mi da len toto

prečo mi na lište miesto prekladu da toto Zmena jazykov a preklad webových stránok v Chrome


Jul 4, 2024

lister Pinjuiun

Jul 2, 2024

Google <>

Google <>

Sig Machi

Jun 28, 2024

First time here exploring.....

Is typing in American English and translating to French a function of Google Input Tools? If not, does Google have such an application that you would share with me?

If not Google, is there a simple application of such nature available at some other provider?
Thank You!
Nodak Bison

Fârîd Âhmêd

Jun 20, 2024

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Clara Cheung

Jun 17, 2024

Cantonese input recently has significant flaws

The Cantonese input recently has significant flaws. For example, it cannot input full-width/Chinese punctuation marks, and there are sudden extra spaces inserted between words. I have not encountered these issues in all these years of usage. I hope they can be resolved as soon as possible. Thank you.

Jenny Lui

Jun 14, 2024

recently not working on Google doc

I have been using the Cantonese Input on Google Docs since 2021. it was great until the past year when it worked well on some days and not working on others. Sometimes work on certain sites and sometimes not. it's not stable. And now it doesn't allow me to go to the next word list using the "+" button which it works before. And it adds a spacing after each word. Please fix

Raymond Yeung

Jun 12, 2024

Chinese (Hong Kong) - Cantonese IME not functioning properly in Google Docs

Recently, when I use the "Chinese (Hong Kong) - Cantonese" IME in Google Docs, a space will be added automatically after choosing a candidate, which is annoying. The same IME works fine in text input areas other than Google Docs.
Please fix, thank you!

Tranquil Georgia

Jun 11, 2024

Japanese Input Method Issue in Google Docs Editing Page

Starting today, my Google Input Tools Japanese input method is not functioning properly on the edit page of Google Docs. When I press a letter, the candidate box only displays English words, without any Japanese characters. Upon a simple test on my computer, it seems that only the Japanese input method is experiencing this issue, while others appear to be working fine. Further testing revealed that this bug only occurs on the edit pages of Google Workspace (Docs, Sheets, Slides, etc.), as other Google web services including Google Translate, and other websites allow normal Japanese input. I have already tried common debugging methods including reinstalling Google Input Tools and restarting my computer. Please fix this bug as soon as possible, as it is crucial for me. Thank you.

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