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Sarreq Teryx

Sep 27, 2022

Infinite Scrolling is a bit screwy

after the first page, each page after loads with a significantly larger right margin.

Nikki Volodin

Jun 17, 2022

support for neeva

I know this is an extension for google search, but if you could add support for neeva, that would be great!

Imron Rosyadi

May 27, 2022

File type and date range

Filetype search and date range search should be updated.
For example, in filetype search the extension uses, it should be


Feb 4, 2021




Jun 16, 2020



Nirantali Zorvax

Jun 5, 2020

Arrow keys to flip pages doesn't work

The function "Use arrow keys to flip pages ← / → (Previous / next)" doesn't work, it only pop ups " says Sorry, it's already the last page".

Anoir Ben Tanfous

Feb 24, 2019

Needs Update


I think this require an update so it doesn't break the newest google layout, also please make it possible to toggle the styling on/off

Thank you.

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