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Not Adam Paul

Apr 25, 2024

Widget buttons stop working with dark mode

Some of the Google Docs widgets, like say the Ctrl-F widget that pops down, lose some of their functionality with this extension. You can't click the "X" to close the Ctrl-F window, for instance. Not sure if this is an event listener issue or some kind of GUI problem?


Apr 24, 2024

Has no discernable functionality; maybe owing to clash with other Dark Mode extensions.

Had Google Docs with a black background but rest of screen was white; have two Chrome Dark mode extensions; with them both off this one made no difference; also have Dark mode selected in Chrome settings. Currently have medium grey background to Docs owing to some combination which is OK but may not last; it would be nice to have an Extension that makes the doc and background dark but since no one has come up with one I guess it's technically very difficult.

Elise Holly

Nov 17, 2023

Bug on Dark mode for google docs extension

I downloaded the extension last week, decided I didn't like it, and deleted it. Ever since, all my google products have remained black pages with white text. I have already contacted google about this. I'm familiar with software and bugs, so I'm happy to provide more information if needed so this doesn't happen to someone in the future.

STEVE Alexander

Oct 29, 2023

Strange gray box on screen

Occasionally, a grey color rectangle that extends from the edge of the top ruler down to the middle of the document will appear. Moving the page up and down clears this box. This is the first time I've encountered this error.

Ezequiel Amin

Oct 22, 2023

Suggestion: Set invert to 0.8 instead of 1

0.8 will make the background gray, instead of pure black. Reading will be easier.

Greg McIver

Oct 21, 2023

Doesn't work as displayed

Instead of white letters on a black background, I have a gray background with black letters. I uninstalled it and it is still stuck on that. Help please

Mike M

Oct 17, 2023

not working on Chrome for macOS Version 100.0.4896.75 (Official Build) (x86_64)

Doesn't work at all in Google Sheets. Can't update Chrome due to being unable to update macOS (using Sierra 10.12.6).

Andrew Meier

Sep 8, 2023

Control+F button and scroll bar blocked

Generally this extension works well and is simple to use. However one problem I noticed is that it blocks the "X" button on the control+F search box. When I press control+F to find something in the document, a box comes up on the top right side of the screen. On the far right of this box there is an "X" button for closing this search box. This "X" button is now inaccessible when the extension is active. Dragging the extension overlay to a different part of the screen still does not make the "X" button accessible (you can try to click it but nothing happens, as if something invisible is still blocking it).

The nearby scroll bar is also blocked in the same way.

Claudia Huerta

Aug 15, 2023

Request for Info

I've requested that my company, the climate NGO C40 Cities, use this extension for our staff and they're happy to accommodate the request but have asked that the developer please fill out the below form to move forward. It just helps our IT team understand if there may be any issues with integrating this plug in to our systems. We're big fans of this extension from using it on our personal computers and are really hoping we can integrate it into our work laptops!

Please let me know if any questions at all.
Thanks :)

Nicki Shobert

Jul 27, 2023

Can't turn off dark mode

The buttons disappeared. I'm stuck in dark mode. Now I can't read my plots accurately because the color scheme is inverted. Please provide an option to turn it off.

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