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Saodah Via

Feb 10, 2024


Kenapa Facebook saya terkunci

George Pavelka

Apr 11, 2023

Not working at all, maybe I'm doing something wrong?

OS: Ubuntu 22 if it's important.


Jan 24, 2023

broken again

As of 2023-01-24 half of the stuff on the screen is white again.

Noel Projects

Jan 20, 2023

The Ruler is bright white

If you go to View > Show Ruler , The ruler shows up as extremely white from both the vertical and horizontal edges.


Oct 25, 2022

Extension isnt working

The toolbar of google docs is dark, but the document part dont

Wilbert Waters

Oct 25, 2022

Dark Mode Google Docs

I wanted to know if there was a way to darken the actual document or invert the colors of the page and font?

Adam Lee

Oct 25, 2022

Extension does not work

Tried using the extension today, closed and reopened chrome still nothing. Tried refreshing a bunch and it did not work.

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