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Serena Watson

Sep 24, 2019

This doesn't work for me

Any plans to make this work again. It's much needed.

A Chrome Web Store user

Oct 30, 2018

Disable Scroll for Month View Only

Only "Month" view needs scroll disabled. Day, Week and Year views work well with scroll enabled. Can you disable scroll for only the Month view? Thanks for the great extension!

Eric Paquette

Oct 11, 2018

Does not work

As many others described, the calendar scrolls. I removed many other extensions that might have interfered, restarted Chrome multiple times, nothing resolves the issue: I'm stuck with horizontal scrolling in Google Calendar as before I installed the app.

Anne Tan

Oct 2, 2018

it didnt work for my calendar...

my calendar still moving from page to page.

David Vickerman

Sep 24, 2018

Not working after Calendar update and... THANK YOU

Hello! I know it must be frustrating to have to fix your extension when Google updates, but from all of us that NEED this extension....THANK YOU FOR YOUR WORK ON IT! Looking forward to it working again!

Michael Becker

Sep 24, 2018

Please make it work again!

You make Calendar usable :) Please help us :) Sorry Google keeps breaking your code...

Terry Witt

Sep 24, 2018

Please update

Just tried this extension today and it currently does not work. Apparently Google's last update broke it. I agree with others that without this the Calendar is almost useless!

Bret Chilcott

Sep 24, 2018

Stopped working

I would love to see the Google Calendar Scroll Disabler work again. Google calendar is almost useless without your tool.

Rama Olson

Sep 18, 2018

Extension Stopped Working

Love this extension but it stopped working with the new version. Would be awesome if you can fix!

A Chrome Web Store user

Sep 15, 2018

Scroll Disabler - Stopped Working

Hi Guys, a small fix to maybe help. I find that when I have the calendar on screen, if you select 'Week' view & then say return to 'Month' view it stabiles. The problem seems to be when you hit the forward a month or back a month, it then stops working again. A bit fiddly but it helps with some of the frustration!!

Cannot understand why such a large corporation as Google can't fix this & build it into their calendar - ughhhhh!!!!

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