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GitHub/GitHub Enterprise/Bitbucket/GitLabでGASのインラインコードを管理

Google Apps ScriptのコードをGithub/Github Enterprise/Bitbucketで管理する。 [IMPORTANT] The new version requires Google OAuth to call Apps Script API, before the OAuth app be verified by Google, it only allow to grant 100 users' permission, if you encounter some errors said can not grant permission to the app, please wait for the verification process completed, sorry for the inconvenience! If you can not wait, please try check out the code from and switch to v4.0.3, install the extension from source with "Load Unpacked" in the extension page, it can still work with the old IDE. 機能: ・Github-GAS間ののPush/Pull ・Gistに同期 ・組み込みスクリプト(Spreadsheetなどに紐付いてるスクリプト)に対応 ・GAS IDE上でGithubのレポジトリやブランチ、ファイルを作成 ・Push/Pull時の差分表示 ・対象ファイルを選択してPush/Pull ・Push時のコメント入力 ・Github/Github Enterprise/Bitbucket/GitLabをサポート ・二段階認証対応 ・Github上のディレクトリ構造対応(GASのファイル名にスラッシュを入れいることで) ・Github Organization、Bitbucket TeamとGitLab Groupsを対応 ・GAS IDEのネイティブUI 注意: ・GASではGitのrevision情報を持ってないため、*Pull*の動作は本物のPullと違ってマージができない、単に最新のソースをfetchしてプロジェクトに上書きする。 Changelog 5.05 - remove permission, fix some gitlab issue by @Hell-K Changelog 5.0.3 - remove unnecessary permission Changelog 5.0.2 - fix ignore file error Changelog 5.0.1 - improve log for new IDE - change extension icon Changelog 5.0.0 - [IMPORTANT] Use Google Apps Script API instead of internal RPC since it changed in new IDE, need to login with Google to work(currently the Google OAuth App is note verified yet, so there will be a warn page) - Support new GAS IDE(old IDE is not supported anymore) - Fix can not work with multi IDE tab in same browser Changelog 4.0.7 - Fix GitHub deprecation notification for using token in query parameter Changelog 4.0.6 - Use unicode icons - Highlight current repo Changelog 4.0.5 - Fix broken due to internal RPC update Changelog 4.0.4 - Fix broken due to internal RPC update Changelog 4.0.3 - Fix .gs pulled as .html Changelog 4.0.2 - Remove support for hosted GitLab Changelog 4.0.1 - Fix an undefined error when file not existed Changelog 4.0.0 - Add support for GitLab (the addition permission requested is for GitLab) Changelog 3.3.6 - Fix extension not work with AppsScript Color 1.0.1 Changelog 3.3.4 - Fix url issue in 3.3.3 Changelog 3.3.3 - Support corporate google apps account. Changelog 3.3.2 - Fix push/pull not work with embedded script. Changelog 3.3.1 - Fix GAS's PRC change. Changelog 3.3.0 - Support manifest file with a new config item. - Fix unexpected deletion when push to Github. Changelog 3.2.2 - Fix bitbucket connection error when there's too many repo. Changelog 3.2.1 - Bug fix. Changelog 3.2.0 - Add ignore file pattern option. Chaneglog 3.1.0 - Add an option to support change file type to sync(upload .gs file as .js). Changelog 3.0.3 - Fix login github with email not work. Changelog 3.0.2 - Fix dismiss link now work. Changelog 3.0.1 - Add relogin warn. Changelog 3.0.0 - Support - Show repo's full name (with user/organization) in dropdown list. - Support create repo under Github organization or Bitbucket team. - Fix create new branch from current branch. - Fix several minor bugs. Changelog 2.0.5 - Bug fix. Changelog 2.0.4 - Bug fix. Changelog 2.0.3 - Add star option when login. Changelog 2.0.2 - Fix delete files failed sometimes. Changelog 2.0.1 - Support create private repo from extension. Changelog 2.0.0 - Support file deleted and rename. Changelog 1.0.1 - Support use access token to login. Changelog 1.0.0 - Add Gist support. now you can sync your code to gist(public/secret). - To use gist, you must re-login to create a new access token which has the gist permission, or manually add gist scope in your current github access token. - Simple usage: select 'Using Gist' in repo dropdown list, and then select gist id in Gist dropdown list. Changelog 0.1.9 - make error message more clearly when try to create branch in empty repo Changelog 0.1.8 - change gwt call to newest version Changelog 0.1.7 - fix minor bugs Changelog 0.1.3 - change github scope to 'repo' to support private repo Changelog 0.1.2 - fix bug: follow Github API's Link header to get all repos/branches

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miki sakai2021/11/14

とても便利でありがたく使っていたのですが、久しぶりにGASの画面を開くと [github assistant] TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading 'forEach') とエラーが出てgithubに繋がりません。

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Yuki Fujisawa2021/09/04


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