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habib rahimi

May 13, 2024


Thanks so much for well design web store I got an error such as "A network error has occurred Dismiss"? I had Internet and i dont know what is the problem?

Meer Ameenuddin.H

Apr 26, 2024

The unfinished task is repeating twice

Hi, the unfinished task from previous day is repeating twice in the current day

Вадим Забелин

Jan 26, 2024

Button for Freeze the notes upper of webpages

Please, make a button to freeze the notes upper of webpages for faster copy some notes. Currently, it is necessary every time to click icon, but if window will be open continiously - it will be more easy for add notes.

Colleen Matt

Sep 29, 2023


just spent a half hour making an important list and it disappeared!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Besteam Marketing

Aug 22, 2023

Pop out note

Hi how to make it smart pop out but not open for new page in full daily notes?
I want my own new page show different page with all my shortcut app.
If I dont add extension, I cant be smart pop out. please advise.

Vinaza Postjoy

Aug 12, 2023

Search option is bedly needed!

Search option is badly needed! It is decisive in using it! How can one find a past record otherwise?

Sheila Connell

Jun 29, 2023

Saving a note.

How do i save my notes?

Ekaterina Orshanskaya

Jun 29, 2023

Can't clear the right side of GoodPlan

Can't clear the right side of GoodPlan

Michelle Yeh

Jun 13, 2023

Disable Tab feature

Is there a way to disable the Tab feature? I don't want to open up the journal every time I click on + to add a new Tab

Foro Registro Civil

May 22, 2023

¿Cómo dar de baja un usuario?

Si un usuario se ha registrado y desea eliminar su cuenta o su acceso a esta extensión, ¿Cómo ha de proceder para eliminar esa autorización?

Porque si borra o elimina la extensión, el permiso sigue figurando en vuestra BBDD...

¿Cómo ha de proceder?

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